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Donear Industries Limited

Donear House, 8th floor,Plot No. A-50, Road No. 1, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400093 India.

How Do We Do It


Manufacturing Facility

One of the key foundation for Donear’s success has been our state-of-the-art fabric manufacturing facilities located in Surat and Silvassa. The Silvassa units are pre-dominantly weaving-centric. On the other hand, our Surat factory is a composite unit consisting of yarn dyeing, weaving and processing set up which is a unique mix of machinery that is equipped to process fabrics made of all types of natural and man-made fibres .

We also have a very large Packing and warehousing facility within the same premises which acts as one point dispatch center for all our fabric businesses. We have also installed a Liquid Ammonia processing plant that happens to be only the 2nd plant in India and 15th in the world. LA treatment gives a super-fine wrinkle-free finish to cotton fabrics. The factory was commissioned in 2007 and is strategically located in terms of domestic as well as export dispatches.

Machinery and Technology

Another key driver for Donear’s success has been our continuous exploration, investment and leveraging latest technologies and machineries. We always endeavor to keep abreast with the latest developments in machinery and technology space for textiles by visiting various such global exhibitions, be it ITMA editions, Tech-textile and so on.

All our processes, right from yarn dyeing till packing, deploy latest version of machines imported from countries such as Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

Quality Centre

Consistent quality year after year has been the cornerstone of Donear’s success and longevity. Hence, it goes without saying that quality and testing is one of our biggest thrust area. Our quality lab is fully furnished and equipped with all the latest testing instruments calibrated on a regular basis. Starting from testing of raw material, we ensure that we only start with the best quality raw material.

We have also installed multiple check-points at various intermediate stages of the fabric manufacturing process. Final fabric goes through multiple testing in order to ensure optimum shrinkage, strength, pilling, colour fastness and so on. Each meter of the final fabric is then inspected through 4-point check system and graded, packed and dispatched accordingly.

Design Centre

Being in the business of fashion, it goes without saying that design plays the most important role for the success of any brand – B2C as well as B2B. What sets us apart is our unified team of design consultants who forecast trends and distil those trends and position them given current market sentiment and consumer preferences.

Our designers are frequent visitors of all major global fashion events such as Premiere Vision, Texworld – bringing global trends of design, fabric and yarns right to their drawing board.


We have a very robust R&D team and infrastructure in order to continuous look for the next winner in the market. Ranging from sample warping, sample dyeing and power looms, we have full-fledge system that focuses on quarterly and annual R&D projects. These projects are focused on various aspects of the product, starting right at the fibre level and extending all the way till packaging.

We have also been heavily investing in creating a sustainable and eco-friendly textile value chain. Right from procurement to intermediate processes to final packing material, we are constantly innovating to find the right balance between sustainability and costs to arrive at the most optimal solutions.

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