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Donear Industries Limited

Donear House, 8th floor,Plot No. A-50, Road No. 1, MIDC, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400093 India.

About Us


The Journey

We are in the business of creating fabric. For everyone. For every occasion. We have interwoven expertise, technology and business acumen to create a fresh pattern of growth for the Group.

As pioneer industrialists in the Textile industry, over the last 40 years, we have invested in quality in everything we do; and have scaled consistently in quantity.

While there have been many different socio-economic challenges over these decades, we have persevered and achieved growth on every front – people, processes and in our plants too.

From our humble beginnings, our Founder, late Mr. Vishwanath Agarwal, instilled in us the principle of constantly adapting and evolving with the times. This was then spearheaded by his sons – Mr. Rajendra Agarwal & Mr. Ajay Agarwal – fueling business growth through stringent controls, innovation and strengthening of the distribution channel. And now, a third generation of entrepreneurs have come into the fold aiming to expand business boundaries even more. Read more

Under their able leadership and focused vision, the Donear Group boasts of processes that run like clockwork, superior technology and machinery, highly competent R&D facility, and committed personnel.

The Donear Group has legacy companies/brands under their folio including Donear, GBTL (formerly Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limited), OCM, Graviera and Mayur. Apart from the fabrics domain, we have ventured into the apparel categories also through rapid retail expansion under brands of Donear NXG and D’Cot.

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To become the most preferred group for premium and luxury fabrics/apparels, powered by world-class infrastructure and technology.


To develop an accelerated but sustainable distribution model providing customers with superior quality products at a fair price.


Our core values are clearly articulated to ensure consistent alignment in all the decisions taken in the organisation. They serve as the guiding principles for employees to lead them all towards the same goals.


We are constantly looking for that ‘never-before character in our product offerings and processes for customers’ total satisfaction.


Steadfast commitment to our claims. Maintain honesty and the highest ethical standards in the conduct of work in every sphere.


We strive to achieve a pipeline of quality leadership across functions through delegation and mentoring. Our conduct must be a model to all those who work with us.


We push the envelope to excel in every act, every decision - always better than the last time around.


Real human connection is a long-cherished value. We believe in healthy interactions across teams and departments to foster team success.

Among the top three brands in India

One amongst the most preferred companies for PV, Cotton, Linen & Woollen fabrics

World’s 15th and India’s 2nd Liquid Ammonia processing plant

1,00,000+ Multi-Brand Retail Counters across India

350 Active D'cot Retail Stores

Exports in 36 Countries worldwide


Rajendra V Agarwal

Promoter & Mentor, Donear Group

An effective leader, Rajendra V Agarwal is a gold medalist in Textile Technology with over four decades of techno-commercial expertise in the Textile industry.

As an accomplished second-generation entrepreneur, he has prowess in identifying new opportunities, sustaining extraordinary business growth and delivering mission-critical results.

With his vast knowledge, continuous innovation and by driving process efficiency, he has repeatedly set new benchmarks. He pro-actively participates in all aspects of management from operations and finance to marketing and human resources.

His commitment to work serves to inspire and is imbibed by employees and associates across the group.

Ajay Agarwal

Executive Director, Donear Group

Ajay Agarwal, a Commerce Graduate with experience spanning over three decades in the textile industry.

He is known for his astute business acumen and skills to pre-empt the changing scenario of the industry. He is a veteran in the textile field who is constantly in touch with market and is always updated of the latest development in fashion & design. Known for bridging the gap between product, trade and customers, he has travelled extensively through the country and has a personal rapport with close to 15,000 trade partners.

He has been instrumental to sync real-time market dynamic and strategic decision making to ensure the company scales success through developing robust channel strength, product innovation and gaining more distribution footprint.

Neena Agarwal

Executive Director, Donear Group

She has been instrumental in strategically spearheading the retail business and turning it around.

Understanding customer’s requirements and with keen insights, she has been the driving force for product innovation and sourcing.

She is actively involved in procurement, finalisation of the new products and designs for the coming season. She is also known for her timely decision making approach. Her timely decision making approach has led to faster execution of ideas and is a big contributor to the growth story of retail business.

Rahul Agarwal

Director, Donear Group

With academic strength in strategy and economics, Rahul R Agarwal oversees business operations, people and new ventures. He is a keen strategist and a capable leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long term goals.

By providing specific focus and direction to the B2B, institutional and garment-driven initiatives, he ensures the company is constantly moving towards fulfilling its short-term and doing-term business objectives, and does not diverge from its strategic guidelines.

Ankit Jogani

Executive Director, Donear Group

A qualified Chartered Accountant by profession, Ankit has dedicated the last decade handling various profiles at the Donear Group.

In his current role at GBTL, he directs strategies that support and enhance organisational operations - including managing company assets, optimizing financial operations, providing leadership to all staff, establishing business goals, overseeing and streamlining daily operations, improving staff performance, and executing special business projects.


Donear Group has a rich legacy of several decades.
A few milestones are drawn up here


Initiation into the textile industry, by Mr. Vishwanath Agarwal


After gaining hands-on experience and contributing effectively to channel expansion, ‘Donear’ as a company was Incepted


Strengthening product and distribution, the retail footprint expanded and Donear soon became a household Name


To cater to large orders, a second plant was established in Silvassa, Maharashtra, India


With the brand being more recognized on the global market and exports were Strengthened


A big leap in innovation was taken as Donear became the 1st textile player to focus on ‘packaging’ fabrics


Blended fabrics production in full swing in Surat, Gujarat, India

Introduced apparels under D’Cot by Donear

Acquisition of GBTL (formerly Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Limited) from Aditya Birla Group and OCM from WL Ross LLP


Roped in celebrity brand ambassadors such as Amitabh Bachchan for GRADO by GBTL & OCM, Hrithik Roshan for Donear and Sushant Singh Rajput for Graviera and apparel brands


Mayur brand acquisition in August led to further strengthening of the Group portfolio


We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the best standard of service to all our
customers. We have been awarded the following accreditations by various
professional bodies to confirm our claims, including:


Our products have been certified to meet the human-ecological requirements of the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® presently established in Annex 4 for products with direct contact to skin.

We also fulfil the requirements of Annex XVII of REACH (incl. the use of azo colourants, nickel release, etc.), the American requirement regarding total content of lead in children’s articles (CPSIA; with the exception of accessories made from glass) and of the Chinese standard GB 18401:2010 (labelling requirements were not verified).

The certified products include: Woven fabrics made of 100 % cotton, cotton/linen in white, reactive yarn dyed and piece dyed and made of polyester/viscose, polyester/viscose/elastane, polyester/wool, in white and yarn dyed, easy to iron finish, liquid ammonia finish and softener finish.

The certificate is valid until 2021-11-30


The certification entitles Donear Industries Limited the right and licence to be listed in the Bureau’s list(s) of Licenses of Quality Management Systems Certification.

Our products and/or services or processes are manufactured and provided/carried out under the Quality Management Systems in accordance with IS/ISO 9001:2015

This licence is valid until 2022-08-29


From Farm to Fashion: The GOTS Quality Assurance System is based on on-site inspection & certification of the entire textile supply chain.

There are two types of certification documents, one Scope Certificate, which proves that a supplier meets all criteria to be allowed to process GOTS goods, and another Transaction Certificate, which proves that the goods themselves meet all GOTS criteria. This certifies that we have been inspected and assessed in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) - Version 6.0. It specifies that our product categories of Greige fabrics (PC0026) and Dyed fabrics (PC0025) meet this standard.

Process categories carried out under the responsibility of PC0026 & PC0025 for the certified product cover are as under:

Dyeing | PR0008; Finishing | PR0012; Pre-treatment | PR0021;Preparatory | PR0022;Trading | PR0030;Warehousing, distribution | PR0031; Washing, laundering | PR0032; Weaving | PR0033

This certificate is valid until: 2024-05-24


This certifies that Donear Industries Limited has been inspected and assessed in accordance with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) 4.0. It states that our fabrics and their processing steps/activities including Trading, Yarn dyeing, Finishing, Storing, Dyeing, Exporting, Weaving and Wet processing comply with this standard.

This certificate is valid from: 2024-05-17


As per the Organic Content Standard (OCS) - Version 3, Donear Industries Limited has been inspected and evaluated. The product categories (dyed fabrics, greek fabrics) and the processing activities (finishing, dyeing, exporting, sizing, storing, trading, washing, weaving, wet processing, yarn dyeing) we offer adhere to this standard.

This certificate is valid until: 2023-05-17